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This solid silver ear cuff is simple, you can wear it alone or you can choose the set of three. The sphere serves as a separator so that when stacked they look bolder. Inspired by the inner gills of 🍄 mushrooms, here you can see the mood board of the collection.

*Shrooms collection is a collaboration with Artesanías de Colombia in order to support a vulnerable artisan community in Barbacoas, Nariño - Colombia, economically affected by the pandemic. Artisans are the heritage of ancient cultures and our purpose is to preserve their craft and help them thrive.

Materials & Dimensions

-Metal: Sterling Silver 925.
-Diameter: 0.59 inch. [1.5 cm]
-Available per unit or in Set x 3.
-Each piece is handmade with love by artisans in Barbacoas, Nariño-Colombia.
-No ear piercing required.
-Product Code: SHR-E2-S. (Set x 3) SHR-E2-Sx3.

Why is it made of silver? Because it is one of the only three precious metals on earth (Silver, Gold and Platinum), it is friendly to the skin, and also, it is a jewel for life.

Care Instructions

Our gold vermeil pieces are high quality and have a 1 year warranty, however It’s essential to follow these recommendations:

Important: It’s normal for sterling silver to darken a bit or for gold vermeil pieces to slowly fade over time. High skin PH might accelerate it. This is a natural process and is not a product defect. 

- Yes, you can take a shower with your jewelry, you read that right! However, you must remove them to get into the sea or the pool. Salt and chlorine deteriorate the luster of gold and silver.

- Avoid spraying perfume or antibacterial products containing alcohol.

- Store them in an airtight bag (like the one we sent with your purchase) to isolate them from the natural air humidity, sun and heat. ALWAYS do this, even if you think you are not in a humid place. Store them separately to avoid scratches.

- Here you can see how to clean your jewelry and care for gemstones.

-More about the warranty here.

Shipping & Returns

We have two types of items:

-ITEMS READY TO SHIP: These are all the items that are in stock in the store except for those that explicitly say Pre-Order. Your items will be shipped within next 2-3 days from Monday to Friday, unless you are buying an item in pre-order *.

-ITEMS IN PRE-ORDER: These are items made to order especially for you. Your items will be shipped in 4-5 weeks or sooner *.

* If one of the purchased items is in pre-order, we will put the other items on hold to send the entire order at the same time. You can request multiple shipments at 

All our orders are shipped with FEDEX or DHL Priority Express International Mail, so please allow 5-7 days for your package to arrive after it's been delivered. 

Please note that the consumer is responsible for any tax, customs and duty fees on all international orders. More info here.

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