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Shrooms Collection Inspiration 🍄

This collection of gold vermeil ear cuffs and earrings was inspired by the magical world of mushrooms and their ability to contain and transmit energy to connect with other living beings in nature.
fungi silver vermeil collection
The fungi kingdom is one of the most energetic and magical things I've ever known. When a fungi connects with the roots of two or more plants, an electromagnetic communication bridge is created underground, through these networks the plants pass signals and nutrients between them. It's like the Earth's natural internet. 
The mushrooms inner gills inspire the repetitive lines that we can see in the ear cuffs and silver earrings in this collection. 
magic fungi earrrings and ear cuffs
fungi gold vermeil silver earrings colombian jewelry
Gold vermeil earrings / Colombian designers jewelry
Some mushrooms are edible and others containing psilocybin are hallucinogenic. In some ancient cultures, mushrooms are considered a sacred medicine to achieve a trance state.
lamell gills mushroom jewelry collection
Coprinellus Disseminatus: A miniature species, it is edible, however they are so small and fragile that when touched they disintegrate, therefore they are not considered a substantial food source. But they are magical, they reproduce quickly and live in herds. 
coprinellus diseminatus fungi inspiration
gold vermeil ear cuff elegant minimalistic
gold vermeil silver ear cuffs colombian jewelry
mushroom inside inspo
Most beautiful white mushrooms
coprinellus diseminatus small mushrooms
Coprinellus diseminatus gills where the inspiration of the Mush Ear Cuff 
mush ear cuff gold vermeil silver jewelry colombian designer

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